Cat Performs 'Magical Interpretive Dance' Using Red Feather Boa

A cat in France put on an adorable show for his owner after finding a red feather boa, footage posted to TikTok on September 18 shows.

The hilarious video, filmed by Kelsy Meyer, shows her Birman cat Bugs performing what she describes in the onscreen captions as a “magical interpretive dance”.

In the video, which was posted to Meyer’s @bugsthebirman TikTok account, Bugs can be seen lifting the boa up as he gracefully prances around the garden.

Meyer told Storyful that she was staying at a home near Paris when she saw Bugs coming out of the basement carrying the feather boa, prompting her to quickly reach for her phone to film. Credit: @bugsthebirman via Storyful

Video transcript

KELSEY MEYER: Hi, Bunny. You hopping? Hi, Bunny. You hopping?