Cat tries to play with emergency workers after car crashes into electricity pole

A mischievous stray cat decided to get involved in a rescue operation after a car smashed into an electricity pole causing it to smash to the ground.

Emergency services attended the scene after the incident which saw a driver lose control of their car and smash it into the pole, reports CEN.

In the footage captured by nearby CCTV cameras, electrical cables can be seen falling to the ground as a result of the crash which toppled the pole into the middle of the road.

The cat can be seen attempting to play with the floored electricity cables
The cat can be seen attempting to play with the floored electricity cables

The incident took place in the port city of Nakhodka in south-eastern Russia’s Primorsky Krai region, and one pesky cat decided this was the perfect place for some friendly banter.

CCTV cameras caught the cute kitty playing chase with one of the rescuers who had been called to help remove the pole, which had blocked an entire lane on the road.

The videos shows onlookers stand by watching, while the cat gets involved, taking an interest in one particular worker who is trying to gather up some of the cable.

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The funny footage has since gone viral, after internet users fell in love with the playful cat.

One easily impressed internet user identified as ‘movie_fan’ said: “This is one brave kitty, staying so close to so many onlookers. Things cat don’t really do.”

Another, named ‘Sergei Hook’, added: “What a playful kitty. So full of life and curiosity.”

While ‘Pavel Kurilenko’ said: “Where is an animal trainer? I think this fluffy fellow has a good potential.”