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👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! Stretching studios are popping up everywhere as instructors use one-on-one sessions to help people with back, hamstring, shoulder and other stretches. Gyms have started offering classes. But sports medicine doctors say some of the benefits may be overblown, so don’t get too worked up over the latest fitness fad just yet.

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The 2023 Toyota Prius Prime at the Washington, DC, Auto Show. - Michael Brochstein/Sipa
The 2023 Toyota Prius Prime at the Washington, DC, Auto Show. - Michael Brochstein/Sipa

1️⃣ New tailpipe rules: The Biden administration finalized one of the most significant pieces of its ambitious climate agenda: new regulations for passenger cars and trucks that will push the US auto market toward electric vehicles and hybrids.

2️⃣ Diversity crackdown: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a sweeping bill into law that prohibits public schools and universities from maintaining or funding diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

3️⃣ Mom gets life term: An Ohio toddler died after her mother left her home alone while she took a 10-day vacation. A judge called it the “ultimate act of betrayal.” 📹Watch as judge issues scathing rebuke

4️⃣ Interest rates: The Federal Reserve held rates at a 23-year high for the fifth time in a row, keeping borrowing costs elevated. Stocks closed at all-time highs.

5️⃣ High blood pressure: Nearly half of American adults have hypertension. Here’s what you can do to keep it in check.

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👀 Back to school: Colombia’s machismo culture is being tackled in the country’s capital by teaching men and teenagers how to change diapers and braid hair.

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Mississippi sentencing: Wray was referring to the sentencing of four ex-law enforcement officers who pleaded guilty in the torture of two Black men. A former sheriff’s deputy was sentenced to 40 years in prison, the harshest sentence so far.

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Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

What is the highest recorded average price for regular unleaded gasoline in the US, according to AAA?
A. $8.47
B. $6.12
C. $5.02
D. $4.29
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The World Happiness Report rankings are out, and this Nordic nation topped the list for the seventh year in a row. The US didn’t even crack the top 20.

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🧠 Quiz answer: C. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $5.02 in June 2022. Read more about the recent surge in gas prices.
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