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👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! As if people weren’t already upset about how much money CEOs make… a new analysis found that the median chief executive officer in the S&P 500 earned nearly 200 times as much as the median employee. The pay gap — and the outrage — just seem to keep growing.

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Santiago Mejia/The San Francisco Chronicle/Getty Images/File
Santiago Mejia/The San Francisco Chronicle/Getty Images/File

1️⃣ Used EVs: While sales of new electric vehicles are dwindling, the opposite is true for used ones. Tax breaks, price drops and a glut of cheap Tesla models are just a few of the reasons, although used EVs still cost more, on average, than used gas-powered vehicles.

2️⃣ Book bans: School districts across the country have been dealing with challenges to what can be taught about race and sexual identity. Some states — including Minnesota, Maryland and Illinois — have responded by passing laws that place restrictions on banning books from public libraries.

3️⃣ I Promise graduate: Anthony Claytor, who just earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology and justice, became the first to graduate from LeBron James’ school for at-risk students in Ohio. Claytor hopes to become a Secret Service agent.

4️⃣ Unusual case: Constance Glantz had been in hospice care and was declared dead, authorities said. Hours later, at the funeral home, something astonishing happened.

5️⃣ Cardiovascular disease: The American Heart Association expects 61% of Americans to have heart disease by 2050. The biggest culprit will be high blood pressure, along with an aging population.

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👀 Fiery footage: Kilauea volcano began erupting again in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. The US Geological Survey said there are no lava threats to nearby communities.

Top headlines

  • Biden unveils new action severely limiting asylum access for migrants who cross the border illegally

  • San Diego Padres player Tucupita Marcano banned for life by MLB after betting on games

  • Prosecutors introduce Hunter Biden’s laptop as evidence at his trial on federal gun charges

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📸 Feline flair: These cats with white chests and striking ombré strands of fur are known as “salty licorice,” a popular treat in Finland where they are found. Experts dived into their DNA to figure out how these cats got their distinctive look.

Ari Kankainen
Ari Kankainen

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🎧 New outlook: Thanks to telemedicine, more people are getting therapy. Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the surprising ways it can change your perspective and get you one step closer to happiness.

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🧠 Internet addiction: Teenagers who spend an excessive amount of time on social media may be damaging their brains, according to a new study that looked at attention and memory.

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Jesús Morales left behind a job he loved at a gym, and now he makes a living by creating TikTok videos. His millions of followers enjoy watching him pick up day laborers and treat them to a fun day at Disneyland. Morales’ videos exude happiness and joy, and donations from viewers help keep the magic going.

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