Cate Blanchett shows off her dance ‘skills’ in Sparks’s new music video

Cate Blanchett shows off her dance ‘skills’ in Sparks’s new music video

Cate Blanchett will feature her “booty-shaking skills” in the new music video for US pop-rock duo Sparks.

The accompanying video for the title track off of their forthcoming 26th studio album, The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte, will premiere on YouTube on Friday (3 March).

In a short clip shared ahead of its premiere, Blanchett can be seen donning a bright yellow suit and red headphones as she wiggles her entire body.

Brothers Ron and Russell Mael met Blanchett “in Paris at the Cesar Awards last year”.

“Little knowing that a year later, one of the great actors of our time – and a splendid person – would graciously consent to lending her booty-shaking skills to the first video from our new album,” the Mael brothers said (via Evening Standard).

“Dreams really do come true. We will sleep well tonight knowing that forever we can say we co-starred in a film with Cate Blanchett.”

Formed in the late Sixties, Sparks saw their breakthrough in the Seventies with the commercial success of Kimono My House (1974).

It was through their “European demeanour and lyrical wit” that they baffled music writers, The Independent’s Roisin O’Connor wrote in a 2020 interview with the duo.

“If no one’s paying attention to the lyrics it’s a different situation. Ron especially puts a lot of care and time into them, it’s not just wallpaper in the background. And a lot of pop music is just that, you don’t need to focus on the details because often… there aren’t that many!” Russel said at the time.

“As long as it elicits some kind of thought on the listener’s part, that’s good.”

The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte releases on 26 May.