Catherine, Princess of Wales ‘doing well’ after cancer diagnosis

Prince William has shared that Catherine, Princess of Wales is "doing well" after her cancer diagnosis.

William was visiting St Mary's Community Hospital on the Isles of Scilly when Tracy Smith, who is in charge of the hospital administration asked, "May I ask how Princess Kate is doing?"

"She's doing well," he replied.

He added that their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were "very jealous" of his trip.

"My family are very upset I'm here without them," he laughed. 'The children will kill me if I don't go home later."

Tracy later confirmed, "I asked how Princess Kate was and how the children were and said I hoped they would enjoy some time here over the summer. He said he would very much like that to be able to happen."

William went on to buy five traditional Cornish pasties from a local cafe, telling staff, "They smell delicious. Makes your mouth water."

Catherine hasn't been seen in public since she announced her cancer diagnosis in a video in March. The 42-year-old is having chemotherapy treatment for an unnamed cancer.