'The poor are lying, drug-abusing illegitimates': Catholic priest's astonishing attack on homeless

Father Ray Blake wrote a furious blog denouncing the homeless, in an online post titled, 'The Trouble With The Poor'

Father Blake made the attack on the homeless in a blog entitled, 'The Trouble With The Poor'

An outspoken Catholic priest has launched an astonishing attack on the poor by labeling them 'lying, drug-abusing illegitimates'.

Father Ray Blake wrote a furious blog denouncing the homeless, in an online post titled, 'The Trouble With The Poor'.

He describes the poor as being 'lying and messy' people sent by God to test his faith.

Father Blake goes on to claim that one homeless man who regularly turned up at his church pleading for money was 'an irritating little bastard'.

He accused the beggar of making a mess of his prayers as he passed his cap around his congregation looking for cash.

The controversial Catholic cleric said: 'The trouble with the poor is that they are messy.

'There is a secluded area between the church and our hall, a passage, occasionally we find someone has got a few cardboard boxes together and has slept there, and if it has been raining leaves a sodden blanket, cardboard there to be cleaned up.

'Often it also smells of urine and there is often excrement there and sometimes a used needle or two.'

Father Blake describes how the destitute 'ring the door bell at every hour of the day and night' and 'tell lies' to get cash.

And he singles out one homeless man who interrupts his services by launching his own collection.

He writes: 'During the silence of the Canon the man will pray aloud: 'Jesus, I want you to bless Father Ray and God, can you persuade the good people here to give to the poor - I am poor'.

'Unchecked he will take his cap off and have a collection. It makes a mess of our prayers - it stops some coming to Mass here.'

Referring to other homeless people, he added: 'They tell you their Gran is dying in Southampton and they need the train fare.

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'You give it to them and if you don't find them drunk in the street they are back the next day and the other Gran is dying in Hastings this time.'

The priest ends his blog: 'My big difficulty with confession at the moment is that I have grown complacent in my lifestyle - I don't want it changed.

'The message of the Gospels seems to be to let the poor into it to mess it up a little.'

Father Blake has caused controversy before in a blog piece called Feeling Sorry for Jon Venables, one of the killers of toddler James Bulger.

He said it must be 'horrendous' for Venables to wake up each morning as a hate figure.

A spokesperson for the Catholic Church said Father Blake's blog was an independent post which was not representative of the Church's views.