Caw-tastrophe: Louisiana Man Helps Free Crow Trapped in Fence

An injured crow was rescued after somehow getting its head caught in a wooden fence in Metairie, Louisiana, on September 15.

This video was taken by conservationist PJ Hahn, who told Storyful that he rushed to the rescue after receiving a call from a friend about the situation.

Hahn wrote in a comment that the blood on the fence was from the crow: “It apparently was there for a few hours and it beat its wings against the fence trying to free itself.”

Hahn told Storyful he grabbed the crow’s body and gently pulled it out of the fence. He then wrapped the anxious and bleeding bird in a towel after realizing one wing was too injured for flight. From there, he transported the crow in a cardboard box to a local veterinarian who specialized in birds.

Upon examination of the bird’s injured wing, the veterinarian kept it for rehabilitation for a week before releasing it back into the wild a week later.

Among the admiring comments his posts elicited, someone wrote, “Make friends with a crow and you have a friend for life.” Credit: PJ Hahn via Storyful

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