Caz Milligan calls off fight with Rangers legend Nacho Novo after biting off 'more than I can chew'

Caz Milligan has called off his upcoming boxing match against former Rangers forward Nacho Novo after admitting he had 'bit off more than I can chew'.

The Fife-born influencer had been due to fight the Gers hall of fame legend in front of a crowd at the Hydro on August 10.

We previously reported how fans who wanted to see the bout were being charged up to £228.70 for a prime ringside spot, with other tickets available from around £47.10.

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However, Milligan today (July 2) took to Instagram to admit the fight is now off. In the video, he said: “The main one (reason) is I bit off more than I can chew.

“I’ll take accountability on that. I had a successful first event in a hotel and I got the contacts to the Hydro and I got the contacts with Novo and I just got too excited and we just went too big too early.

“I’m taking everything on the chin, It’s upsetting, it’s emotional and it’s things I’ve not dealt with before.

“The whole Nacho Novo health conditions, now even though the doctors have cleared him and even though he’s fit to fight, I never knew about his heart conditions or his heart attack before signing the contracts.

“I should have done my research before going ahead with Nacho Novo. I got too excited, I seen all these opportunities and everything coming at me and I went for it.

“With everyone online talking about his heart conditions, it planted a seed in the back of my mind where what if I do hit him too hard or something bad can happen.

“That means I’m no longer going to go into this fight at my full potential because I’m going to be cautious of potentially bad outcomes.”

The fight was the second arranged by Milligan, who previously fought with fellow social media star Alan Shields aka the Property Boss.

The Fife TikTok star then lost to Shields, 46, who is a former footballer who played for the likes of Motherwell and Kilwinning Rangers.

In the promotional video posted on Twitter, fellow former footballer Novo revealed he wanted to push himself after battling health problems, including a heart attack in 2018.

The Ibrox man, who won four league titles, a Scottish Cup and two league cups for the club, said: "Whatever happens in life you can push yourself try whatever you want to do."

Milligan revealed during the video that everyone who bought tickets will be refunded, as he admitted he has lost money due to the venture.

He continued: “Everyone that did buy tickets, Ticketmaster is going to reach out and refund you. This is a bump in the road that’s cost me tens of thousands of pounds – I’ve lost so much money.

“This is the journey of entrepreneurship, you win some, you lose some and you learn along the way. The next event that I put on at the end of the year will be someone my weight, my age, etcetera.

“It will most likely be in a venue that does 1,000 capacity again just like the first one and I’m excited for the future. I apologise. This was a massive humbling experience but I’m excited with the lessons that I’ve learned.”

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