Cecilia Mato, Lucas Vivo García Lagos Launch Navajo Films Uruguay, Announce ‘Menem,’ Second Season of ‘Porn and Ice Cream’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Cecilia Mato and Lucas Vivo García Lagos, founder of Navajo Films Argentina and Intro Pictures Brazil, have joined forces to launch Navajo Films Uruguay.

“We interpret the idea of ‘bringing a fresh perspective to the industry’ as infusing new ideas, creativity and a unique approach into our work. Despite being two young individuals, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our goal is to produce IP that resonates with us as viewers,” said Mato, previously at Salado.

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“Our country has immense creative potential and we are committed to contributing to the development of the local and international audiovisual industry. The partnership with our colleagues in Brazil and Argentina allows us to explore new creative frontiers,” she added.

Mariano Kohan has been tapped as executive producer.

Mato also opened up about two projects accompanying the launch, starting with “Menem,” exploring the life and legacy of former Argentine president Carlos Menem.

“It’s a story untold by anyone before and we believe it will make a significant impact, particularly interesting in the current political context of Argentina. Especially with the arrival of the new president,” she said.

“Given that Menem was an influential political figure in the past, the series could provide valuable insights into the country’s political history and how certain events and decisions in the past may influence the current understanding of Argentinian politics.”

The show is made in co-production with Claxson and directed by admired Argentine director Ariel Winograd (“The Heist of the Century”).

Season 2 of “Porn and Ice Cream” is also awaiting release.

“This show has set a precedent, opening doors for series like [Netflix’s] ‘Community Squad,’” noted Mato. Directed by Martín Piroyansky (“Porn and Ice Cream”), “it’s a uniquely comedic series with a dedicated audience.”

“In Uruguay, there is currently only one strong production company. However, there is ample room for another production company to thrive, providing high-quality production services and creating original content,” she observed.

In the past, Mato has worked on Season 2 of Amazon’s “El Presidente” and the awaited upcoming Netflix’s miniseries about Ayrton Senna, produced by Brazil’s Gullane. Lucas Vivo García Lagos is behind “Psiconautas,” “Insanity,” crime series “Blood Pact” and documentary “Atchugarry Monumental” about the famed Uruguayan artist.

“Our immediate goal is to start providing production services while simultaneously working on the development of our own content. We believe in the importance of the synergy between constant filming and ongoing pipeline work, as these two paths can mutually enrich both processes, creating a dynamic and productive environment.”

The company is focusing on its long-term strategies as well: contributing to the growth and diversification of the local film industry, all the while “fostering creativity and innovation.”

“The infrastructure is in place, our crews are highly skilled, the economy is stable and the country is safe – all necessary conditions are present. However, what we need are opportunities to showcase our capabilities,” pointed out Mato.

“Our unique proposition lies in our ability to address the needs of large-scale productions with the attention to detail characteristic of boutique services. Emphasizing a ‘personalized service’ is paramount for us.”

Navajo Film Uruguay will “prioritize quality over quantity, expressing a genuine interest in tailoring its services to meet individual needs.”

“Our goal is not just to provide a service but to establish lasting partnerships that reflect our commitment to excellence.”

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