Celebrities back 'BBC Breakfast' star Owain Wyn Evans as he reveals homophobic letter

Owain Wyn Evans attends the Attitude Awards, October 2022
Owain Wyn Evans attends the Attitude Awards, October 2022

BBC Breakfast presenter Owain Wyn Evans has been supported by celebrity pals after sharing a horrendous note from a homophobic viewer.

The Welsh TV presenter shared a photograph on Instagram of a scrawled letter he received from an unknown viewer who used slurs and told him to "go back to Wales".

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The letter read: "You raving bloody p**f, do you ave to be so camp on TV. It puts me off my meal! Stay in bloody Wales where you belong."

Evans, who became famed for his drumming skills to the BBC News theme song and is proudly gay, quickly made light of the situation, sharing the note alongside a photo of him beaming as he lay over a drum kit.

"The vast majority of letters I get from people are so, so lovely," Evans wrote. "But I still find it bizarre that people take time to scrawl stuff like this onto a notepad and send it to me.

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"Hope this camp pic doesn’t put you off any meals today dahlings! (Warning, letter is hateful in nature)"

Evans was quickly supported by his celebrity pals who flocked his Instagram comments with messages of support, and celebration of Evans being his authentic self in the face of such hatred.

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"I wonder if he/she (obviously not they) can spell CYNTAF? 🤔🤔 or even lululululululul?" wrote Carol Vorderman.

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Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee added: "Don’t listen [Owain] they do not know what a beautiful person you are inside and out, and I’m sad for them because they will never get to know xx keep shining bright."

The sentiment was echoed by her bandmate Ian 'H' Watkins, who added in his own message: "ABSOLUTE HOMOPHOBE!!! You are fabulous.. NEVER change xx"

Owain Wyn Evans and husband Arran Rees attending the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards 2022, Royal Festival Hall, London. Credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS
Owain Wyn Evans and husband Arran Rees at the BAFTAs (Doug Peters/EMPICS)

EastEnders actress Tamzin Outhwaite made a joke at the notes bad spelling, and added: "My darling queen of puffs!!! Do not ever change/tone down or even give these people any mind. You are beautiful, talented and a breath of fresh air in these times.

"You are my favourite cheese puff"

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While Gabby Logan added: "Owain I am so sorry you got a note like that. Don’t ever stop darling man."

LAKE DISTRICT, ENGLAND 5 MARCH 2022: The One Show's Angelica Bell and Owain Wyn Evans go head-to-head as they compete in the Red Nose and Spoon Race for Red Nose Day 2022 on March 5, 2022 in the Lake District, England. With tougher terrains and more adrenaline-filled challenges than last year, the Yellow Team and Blue Team will battle it out over four long days as they take on the ultimate race across the Lake District. Angelica and Owain are joined by some incredible teammates from Comic Relief funded projects across the UK. (Photo by Patch Dolan/Comic Relief via Getty Images)
Owain Wyn Evans (Patch Dolan/Comic Relief via Getty Images)

"Sending you so much love and ENORMOUS HUGS my sweet. Ignore those stupid people and carry on camping and paradiddling," Gaby Roslin wrote.

While Bake Off winner Candice Brown said: "Good lord!! I’d like to puff them right in the chops! Never stop being you you fabulous human."