CBB's Fern Britton addresses awkwardness with Nikita Kuzmin

The difficult relationship between Celebrity Big Brother's Fern Britton and Nikita Kuzmin is not quite behind them yet.

Things are still frosty between Nikita Kuzmin and Fern Britton in Celebrity Big Brother. (Shutterstock/ITV)
Things are still frosty between Nikita Kuzmin and Fern Britton in Celebrity Big Brother. (Shutterstock/ITV)

What did you miss?

Celebrity Big Brother's Fern Britton has addressed the awkwardness that unfolded between her and Nikita Kuzmin, claiming it was because he has no experience in dealing with older women.

The pair had fallen out the night before when Britton accused the Strictly Come Dancing star of being patronising to her over her age by trying to tell her she had chosen a trendy top to wear.

But the difficulties were not put to bed in Wednesday's episode as Kuzmin accidentally knocked over Britton, leaving her feeling sick and dizzy.

What, how, and why?

Fern Britton - Celebrity Big Brother 2024 (ITV)
Fern Britton shared her thoughts on Nikita Kuzmin. (ITV)

Celebrity Big Brother viewers saw Fern Britton and Nikita Kuzmin fall out earlier this week when the Strictly star complimented the TV presenter on choosing a trendy top, but she accused him of being patronising.

In Wednesday night's episode, the housemates woke up to an awkward atmosphere from the night before and Britton took to the Diary Room to explain her feelings.

She said: "Last night, I did accidentally upset him. He was quite cross and I could see he was angry with me.

"Maybe there's a lack of experience in having older women around. As a dancer, he has to have vanity because he has to look perfect. So he's interested in the people he wants to have around and honestly, I'm not a subject he's particularly interested in."

But the awkwardness continued when Big Brother challenged the celebrities to a game involving chasing each other with balloons and Kuzmin accidentally knocked Britton over.

She was left needing a lie down in the Diary Room saying she felt "a bit dizzy and sick", and things continued to be awkward later when the scenes following last night's eviction of Marisha Wallace and Zeze Millz were shown.

Britton told Kuzmin: "We did survive together! Who would have expected that?" as he replied: "No one."

Louis Walsh had also told Big Brother ahead of the eviction: "If I'm honest I think Fern should go, I think her time is up here...She's a nice lady, a bit boring."

He added: "I think Fern should go, that's the easiest way. Nobody will miss her now. Nobody. Nobody at all."

What else happened on Celebrity Big Brother?

Louis Walsh auditioned Colin Farrell for Boyzone. (Getty)
Louis Walsh auditioned Colin Farrell for Boyzone. (Getty)

Louis Walsh has been sharing celebrity anecdotes again, this time spilling all on the huge stars he had given career advice to.

The former X Factor judge told his housemates how he had been behind the best career moves both Colin Farrell and U2 had made.

He said: "I'm good friends with Colin Farrell. I know him very well, he auditioned for Boyzone and he told me he wanted to be an actor.

"He said I want to be an actor anyway and I said you're wasting your f***ing time. And he went, and he worked it."

Later, Walsh told Colson Smith about an encounter with U2 before they became famous in a Dublin burger joint.

He said that he had overheard them discussing sacking their manager, who he knew, and had advised against it. Walsh claimed the band had listened to them and become superstars, adding: "True story."

Celebrity Big Brother airs on ITV at 9pm.

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