Celebrity Big Brother kicks off with X Factor reunion

Former X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh have been reunited on TV as they became the first stars to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The revived series on ITV kicked off with a “secret mission” for Osbourne and Walsh, who appeared on The X Factor alongside Simon Cowell for many years.

The pair were given a “secret lair” where they will judge which three celebrity housemates to put in the “danger zone” before choosing one housemate to automatically face the public vote this week.

As the first “celebrity lodger” to enter the house, Osbourne described herself as the “original reality star”.

“I am good fun to live with, so my husband says. Chaos, I don’t cause it, it just seems to go on around me even though I do have a big spoon to mix it,” she said in a pre-recorded video.

“I definitely say what is on my mind, I think at my age I have earned it. I am so excited to be involved with Celebrity Big Brother because it is going to be a bumpy ride.”

Walsh greeted Osbourne, saying “what are we doing?”, before telling Big Brother he was “absolutely delighted” to be reunited with Osbourne, adding “we’ve got loads to catch up on”.

The voice of Big Brother told the pair: “I’ve brought the two of you back together because I know you are used to judging people on first impressions. Sharon, you have a decision to make, and Louis you are here to help Sharon make that decision.”

Walsh said in a pre-recorded video: “I say things I shouldn’t say, my mouth has got me into trouble. I’m not easy to live with, I get up late, I go to bed late.

“Celebrities have massive egos, I hope I get on with them because I have an ego too. I’ve never done anything like this in my life… I’m here just to have fun.”

Osbourne and Walsh sat in their secret lair as celebrities began entering the house, with Osbourne commenting on Strictly Come Dancing professional Nikita Kuzmin’s good looks, while Walsh said Love Island winner Ekin-Su Culculoglu had been on “every show”.

Osbourne later berated Walsh for saying Coronation Street star Colson Smith had “big ears”.

The pair were unsure after the entry of ITV2 Ibiza Weekender star David Potts.

Speaking about his outfit – a short black dress – Osbourne said: “He’s wearing nothing… I have to see whether (his personality) is put on or if its natural.”

She later added: “His fruit and veg are hanging down in the front, and I find that a little bit disturbing. I wasn’t looking, you can’t help but see he’s jumping up and down.”

Walsh said: “He’s a bit much for me.”

He also recognised US star Marisha Wallace as she entered the house as the “Broadway and West End star” who has appeared in shows including Dream Girls. She sang And I Am Telling You to the live audience before entering the house.

Osbourne and Walsh did not appear to initially recognise Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of the Princess of Wales.

In a pre-recorded video, Goldsmith said the “simply perfect” Kate would be watching from “behind a sofa”, while also recalling the first time he met the Prince of Wales, who offered him a cup of tea.

“I often read that people think I’m a bit of a bad boy, it’ll be lovely to put the record straight. But winding people up is probably my favourite hobby.

“Every part of me is riddled with mischief and danger. I’m an absolute nightmare to live with, there’s a reason I’ve had four wives.”

Later, Walsh was trying to work out Goldsmith’s relationship to British royalty, saying “so her mother is his brother”.

He also seemed shocked that business owner and Dragons’ Den star Levi Roots “knows everybody’s names” after he greeted all the housemates individually.

Walsh said he was “glad” that the final housemate revealed was former This Morning presenter Fern Britton, who said she was “excited for an adventure”.

“She’s been on TV forever, they all recognise her… she’s a pro. I’m glad she’s in, she won’t know the rest of them,” Walsh said.

Other celebrities who entered the house included British TV presenter Zeze Millz, Lauren Simon, who shot to fame on The Real Housewives Of Cheshire, and Heartstopper’s Bradley Riches.

Celebrity Big Brother will continue to air on ITV.