Celebrity Big Brother's Fern Britton injured in task

nikita kuzmin and fern britton in celebrity big brother
CBB's Fern Britton injured in taskITV

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers follow.

Tonight's (March 20) episode of Celebrity Big Brother saw presenter Fern Britton injured during a chaotic group task.

As Friday's final approached, the housemates were left to pass the time by playing 'Big Brother's Big Balls' – a game that saw the housemates split into two teams and tasked with popping large balloons with pins in order to win a takeaway.

Unfortunately, the housemates got a little too excited while playing, leading to Fern falling and banging her head on the back of a sofa after colliding with Strictly Come Dancing's Nikita Kuzmin.

A guilty Nikita then swiftly escorted Fern to the diary room, as she was feeling "a bit dizzy and a bit sick" to be checked over by medics.

nikita kuzmin and fern britton in celebrity big brother

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"I just lost my balance, went backwards and banged by head on the back of that seat thing," the presenter explained in the diary room, adding that she felt the fall had "shaken" her head up.

Fern then decided to lie down and rest in the diary room, while Nikita struggled with the guilt of injuring the presenter.

fern britton injured on celebrity big brother

"How did I even hurt anybody man... f**k my life," he said. "This stupid game."

While Fern recovered in the diary room, the rest of the housemates were instructed to complete the game – despite Nikita's protests – with David Potts, Colson Smith, Nikita and Louis Walsh securing themselves a Chinese takeaway as their prize.

a woman with her hands on her face

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Viewers at home were left feeling sorry for Nikita after seeing his guilt at injuring Fern, with one person writing on X: "I want to hug Nikita after that..."

Other fans agreed with Nikita's refusal to restart the game, with a second person tweeting: "Nikita's got a point. It is a stupid idea telling people to run around with pins. It was obvious from the start that this game was a recipe for disaster."

"I want to see the risk assessment for this task. 'potential of Fern Britton being decked by Nikita form strictly'," a third added.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sundays through Fridays at 9pm on ITV1 and the ITV Hub, followed by Late & Live on ITV2 immediately following each new episode.

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