Celebrity Gogglebox's Dani Dyer discusses possibility of marriage

danny dyer and dani dyer on celebrity gogglebox
Celeb Gogglebox star on possibility of marriageChannel 4

Celebrity Gogglebox spoilers follow.

Friday's (June 7) season premiere of Celebrity Gogglebox saw Dani Dyer discuss the possibility of marriage to partner Jarrod Bowen.

Dani, who welcomed twins Summer and Star with the footballer last year, candidly spoke about her relationship while appearing on the reality show with her dad Danny.

"What would you do though Dad, if Jarrod rung you and said, 'I want to marry your daughter'?" she asked.

danny dyer and dani dyer on celebrity gogglebox
Channel 4

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"Well, I'd have to think hard about it darling because you know, you're my firstborn child," Danny replied.

"You're so good at speeches," said Dani in reference to a wedding speech, to which Danny added: "I'm only good at speaking about things I enjoy and love. I have been writing it already."

Dani then asked: "Have you actually?" with Danny replying: "Nah don't be so stupid. I'm not pre-empting anything in case it goes tits up, if it goes tits up then what?"

Danny went on to reveal his relationship deal breaker as a West Ham fan, saying: "The only way it could go tits up is if [Bowen] went and played for Tottenham.

danny dyer, dani dyer, celebrity gogglebox
Channel 4

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"If he went and played for Tottenham Hotspur, then there's some f**king issues. Other than that I'm sweet with whatever else happens."

The show's viewers shared their reactions to the father-and-daughter duo on X (formerly Twitter), with one writing: "Love Danny and his daughter."

"Jarrod Bowen's not allowed to play for Tottenham then," another added, while a third viewer said: "Dan and Dani on celeb gogglebox again is just my fave thing ever!"

Friday's instalment of Celebrity Gogglebox also saw the celebrity TV watchers tune into the latest episode of In With a Shout, Canal Boat Diaries, The Nevermets and Vicky McClure's new drama Insomnia.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs and streams on Channel 4.

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