Bodger and Badger return to fight proposed badger cull - Daily TV Round-Up

Children's TV duo star in one-off video for chairty Care for the Wild

Children’s TV legends Bodger and Badger have returned for a special one-off video protesting the proposed culling of badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

The pair’s video was made in conjuncture with wildlife charity Care for the Wild.

Andy Cunningham, who created and performs as the duo spoke to Digital Spy about the proposed cull.

[Badger cull will go ahead, vows Cameron]

"For a long time Badger and I didn't think the cull would really happen," he said. "The idea of people roaming around at night shooting at, and whatever they say, very likely wounding badgers, just seemed too barbaric to be true.

"But when we heard this cull was really going to go ahead, Badger and I thought we ought to do something, because the case for culling just doesn't add up."

The video shows Badger receiving an invite from the British government to an “all-night shooting adventure”, which they assume means paintballing.

And yes, there’s plenty of mash potato.

‘Bodger and Badger’ was a BBC children’s series that debuted in 1989 and aired for ten years. [Digital Spy]

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