Live cockroach gets stuck up Fatima's nose on I'm A Celebrity

Fatima Whitbread got a live cockroach lodged in her nose while going head-to-head with Pat Sharp in a Bushtucker Trial on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'

It was during the 'Fill Your Face' game, in which the pair had to don perspex helmets that were then filled with various creatures, that the cockroach - one of 7,500 poured into her helmet - crawled up her nose and wouldn't budge.

Bush expert Dr Bob was on hand to deal with the matter, flushing her nose with a syringe three times before it eventually shot out of her mouth and crawled away.

It was among a clutch of dramatic moments in tonight's show, which also saw Pat Sharp kicked out of the jungle after losing the sudden death round of 'Fill Your Face' with Fatima.

On his controversial 'honesty' during his stay in the jungle, Pat said: “I wouldn't have thought I would ever be [controversial], but maybe so.

“The reason the Tedward thing blew up is because all my pals were laughing around me while I was doing it,” he added of his threats to burn Lorraine's teddy bear Tedward at the stake.

“I'm great friends with Lorraine now, she gave me the biggest hug when I left yesterday.”

Pat's exit preceded the second eviction from the jungle, as Lorraine was voted out.

She said that she had entered the show because she had been looking for something dramatic to do to celebrate her 60th birthday, describing the show as 'a gift'.

Of Pat Sharp and 'Tedward-gate' she said: “It kind of went over my head. I think, bless his heart, he wanted to do a trial and it worked. But I said to him that you really you have to think before you do something for yourself that you're not hurting anyone else.”