Martin Freeman: I don’t hang out with Benedict Cumberbatch (exclusive)

The relationship between the ‘Sherlock’ co-stars isn’t as close as their characters.

Martin Freeman: I don’t hang out with Benedict Cumberbatch (exclusive)

Although they play best friends on TV’s ‘Sherlock’, Martin Freeman admits he doesn’t really hang out with Benedict Cumberbatch socially.

In fact, he doesn’t like to mix with his co-stars in real life at all, as he explained to Yahoo.

"We are very friendly [Benedict and I] and we’re good work colleagues but we’re also quite busy and I don’t really hang out with many of, or any of, my co-stars."

Freeman admitted to The Showbiz 411 last year that he’d never seen Cumberbatch drunk, saying "We don't really drink so much during Sherlock because there's so many lines to learn.”

We asked the star, who was promoting his new show ‘Fargo’, whether anything had changed since then.

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"I don’t think we [Benedict and I] have been drunk together. It’s a hard one to talk about because as soon as I say “we don’t particularly hang out”, that’s a lot of people disappointed or whatever.

"It’s obviously because of the closeness of that relationship on screen, people expect it, or want it to be echoed in real life, which is understandable.

"You want all your favourite band members to live together in a flat and they don’t.”

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have played Sherlock Holmes and John Watson for three series of the hit BBC One show.

One episode in the last season - ‘The Sign of Three’ - showed the pair inebriated while celebrating Watson’s stag do, but unfortunately it seems that, in this case, life doesn’t always imitate art.

‘Fargo’ continues at 9pm on Channel 4, this Saturday.