Sue Barker tries to kill Go Compare singer in bizarre new ad

Gio Compario blown up by rocket launcher-weilding tennis presenter

Three years since his first outing, Go Compare opera singer Gio Compario has become (quite literally) the target of a new self-deprecating ad campaign from the comparison website.

Launched as ‘Saving the Nation’, the advert sees the now-hated singer try and fail to win over a couple before a rocket launcher-wielding Sue Barker attempts to silence him once and for all.

You can watch the advert here.

After removing her mask, the Wimbledon presenter walks off triumphantly, unaware that her would-be victim has lived to sing another day.

The genius move started with the faked defacing of billboards advertising a new campaign around the country, and will presumably continue with more attempts on the mascot’s life.

The new Go Compare advert premiered during ‘Coronation Street’ on Monday night and viewers took to Twitter immediately to voice their reaction. @AalishB said: “New Go Compare advert is the best one yet!! #savethenation #suebarker”

@IISAFLOWER ‏was another fan, tweeting: “Go compare new advert love!!! Shame he’s still alive though.”

Not everyone was a fan however, @helloimandrew wrote this morning: “Oh no the Go Compare ads have become self aware to their awfulness and have become way more annoying”

We love it when a company has a sense of humour about itself and this is a great example of turning a negative into a positive. The first advert in the summer of 2009 was decent enough but devolved into increasingly irritating ads over the years.

It was voted the most annoying ad campaign by British television viewers in both 2009 and 2010.

It’s also good to see that the singer who has played Gio Compario, Wynne Evans, is up for reprising his role for the tongue-in-cheek ads.