Celebs Go Dating shakes things up with matchmaking brunch

chloe burrows, adam collard, spuddz, vanessa feltz, lottie moss and mark francis vandelli pictured for celebs go dating season 12
Celebs Go Dating introduces matchmaking brunchChannel 4

Celebs Go Dating spoilers follow.

It was time for another end-of-the-week brunch for the celebrities of Celebs Go Dating, and the agents introduced a spicy twist.

In tonight's (September 7) episode, the experts — Paul Carrick Brunson, Anna Williamson and Tara Suwinyattichaiporn — kicked off a matchmaking experiment, asking three celebs to pick the perfect date for their solitary co-stars.

Spuddz, Adam Collard and Lottie Moss were then asked to select a single for Vanessa Feltz, Mark-Francis Vandelli and Chloe Burrows, respectively. Obviously, things didn't go as smoothly as they would've hoped.

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Lottie and Chloe had a reunion with Connor, who they both went on a date with. The model picked him for another chance with her pal Chloe, and the two lovebirds sealed the deal with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Mark-Francis gave Adam a hard time by being less than impressed with all of his choices. The two-time Love Islander finally picked Kyle for Mark-Francis, and the two agreed to go for lunch.

As for Vanessa, who hasn't had much luck on her dates so far, she didn't seem thrilled as Spuddz selected a few gentlemen for her to chat to. She even went as far as hiding behind some plants so as not to be forced into conversation until Paul reminded her she needed to be more open-minded to be able to meet someone.

However, she couldn't conceal her disappointment when Spuddz chose Tim for her. The two went on a date but sparks weren't exactly flying and Vanessa asked for a bit more time to decide if she was up for a second meeting.

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But what about the newly appointed matchmakers? The agents didn't let them off the hook so easily.

At the end of the weekly brunch, Paul asked Spuddz, Lottie and Adam to finally make a decision between the people they've been dating.

While Spuddz favoured Gabby over Rafaela, the final decision brought in a whole new level of awkwardness for Lottie and Adam. The two celebs had been on a few dates before she gave him an ultimatum: being exclusive or moving on.

Adam shut his fling with Autumn right away, but Lottie enjoyed a good date with single Alexandros. Asked to choose between the two of them, she ultimately picked Adam — much to Chloe's shock, who was very vocal about not being a fan.

Celebs Go Dating airs on weeknights on E4.

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