Celtic fans declare Merchant City title party should NOT be repeated as 'spontaneous' atmosphere lost

A selection of Celtic fans have declared that the party at the Trongate area of Merchant City should be scrapped.

Supporters descended on the city-centre after Celtic beat St Mirren 3-2 to round off their Scottish Premiership campaign as the champions were handed the league trophy in front of their jubilant fans. After Callum McGregor lifted the title, fans travelled into Glasgow to celebrate the triumph for a third successive year in Trongate but fans on social media were left miffed by the latest incarnation of the party night.

But with a massive clean-up required once again after the celebrations some punters reckon that the spontaneous nature of the original celebration - after reclaiming the title from Rangers in 2021/22 under Ange Postecoglou - has been lost in the following years. One diehard declared that the gathering did not represent "true Celtic fans" stating: "Think it’s time to can the Trongate/Merchant City celebrations.

"From what I’ve seen tonight are wee dafties who are not representative and are not true Celtic fans ruin it for everyone." One fan reckons that it is a year too far posting on X: "Worked when it was spontaneous but now wee dafties are travelling in from all points."

Another punter chimed in: "Trongate full of 14-year-olds that have never been to Celtic Park, it seems." One simply declared "It has ran its race now" before another rounded off: "Trongate should be binned"

Celtic will hope to have the chance for another celebration next year if they lift the Scottish Premiership title - but Philippe Clement's Light Blues will have something to say about the Hoops' claiming title number 55. Should Rodgers' steer his side to glory again one fan offered a solution for next term on X: "Would be good if the council just accepted that 1 of 2 clubs is most likely to win the league and just set up a fan zone in the green with a few bars, some food stalls and toilets. Would totally avoid the mess left behind in the Trongate."