Celtic fans slaughtered over title celebration as Hotline hardliners post sobering Cup Final message

Celtic's title party is over and it’s all about Saturday’s Old Firm Scottish Cup showdown.

Rangers fans will go in hope, but Hoops punters on the Hotline reckon their rivals are in trouble due to some criminal defending. Stephen Johnstone, Ardentinny, said: “Jack Butland says Rangers need to beef up their defence at Hampden. Philippe Clement will have a better chance in the Final if he phones Digby Brown.”

Paul McCormack, Coatbridge, said: “I’m thoroughly satisfied with this latest title win. With the challenge of our rivals ultimately fizzling out, albeit a bit later than usual, Brendan Rodgers rallied the team at the crucial part of the season as we sprinted over the finish line. He played a blinder and displayed the experience of a serial dug-out winner, welcome back Brendan.” Scott McAdam, Partick, said: “Philippe Clement does not think there is a gap according to his point stats. Well Mr Clement, eight points is a gap and even Michael Beale’s record is better than yours. If you hurry you will make the job centre before the Scottish Cup Final or do you have a stat on that as well.”

-Credit:Getty Images
-Credit:Getty Images

Kenny Wilson, Moffat, said: “So the usual excuses are coming out from the Rangers faithful and you have to laugh at some of them. We all remember two months ago bragging they were on for a quadruple with no mention of injuries or fatigue and the league was all but finished. You had one draw against Celtic in four games, so just admit the better team won the league.”

Meanwhile, Rab Hunter, Dumfries, said: “I hope someone has a word with Todd Cantwell about his antics and general behaviour before the Cup Final. He committed at least three yellow card offences (one could have been red) but got away with them all as they were only against Hearts. Should he continue in a similar vein next weekend against Celtic then it is probably safe to say Nick Walsh will not be as sympathetic or compassionate.”

But Alan Fleet hit back and emailed: “I find it amusing that Celtic fans call Rangers bang average. The match officials bailed them out in all four old Firm matches yet they only just crept over the line with a game to spare. Despite having millions in the bank, Matt O’Riley is the only Celtic player who would get in the bang average Rangers team.”

Donald Dundas, Uddingston, said: “Celtic played a blinder showing Santa to the fans on title day. May as well as they’ve normally nothing to celebrate by Christmas as the three European competitions are devoid of Celtic by then.”

Thousands of Celtic fans celebrated in the city centre on Saturday, but it didn’t go down well with everyone. Dr Robert S Pender emailed: “Man City supporters celebrated with good behaviour, then why do Celtic supporters disgrace our nation?

Other supporters climbed on top of bus stops
Other supporters climbed on top of bus stops -Credit:Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

"Glasgow should send the clear up bill to Celtic. Rangers at least cleared up their mess but they also have to behave. I fear the Cup Final, maybe behind closed doors next year for all Old Firm meetings.”

John Bruce emailed: “Drunken Celtic fans trashed the city centre and – traditionally – fought among themselves, even allegedly punching one another unconscious. Early evening, trains were still littered with empty drink bottles, and soiled seats left empty. Couples carried their young children, rather than allow them to walk through the rivers of mess running through the carriages. The thoughts of another possible Celtic 'celebration' this weekend are pretty sobering.”