Celtic mad couple get engaged at Lisbon's Estádio Nacional on site of Hoops' 1967 triumph

Aaron asked Heather to marry him in the iconic Celtic setting
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A Celtic mad couple got engaged in one of the most important sites in the Glasgow club's history - the Estádio Nacional.

Heather Ganson and Aaron MacKenzie were holidaying in Portugal when they decided to take a day trip to visit Lisbon on June 27.

The pair ensured they took some time out to visit the Estádio Nacional, the stadium is solidified in Hoops legend after the Lisbon Lions lifted the 1967 European Cup after a win over Inter Milan.

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With both Heather and Aaron avid Celtic fans, it only made sense for the 33-year-old to pop the question to his partner of two years in the iconic arena.

Aaron told Glasgow Live: "Given the stadium was going to be renovated I've always wanted to go back.

"When I started to think about proposing to Heather I was trying to think of a nice venue to do it and I thought it was the perfect location.

"As we were walking around the stadium I was trying to figure out where the best place would be.

"Then we stood just below where Billy McNeil lifted the trophy. When I went to my bag to get the ring it was 30C heat and I was sweating.

"I got down on one knee and my mouth went so dry. I couldn't get the words out."

Despite Heather not clocking on to begin with, the 36-year-old thought something was happening when Aaron went into his backpack.

She said: "I always think I'm one of those people who knows what's happening.

"Even while we were walking around the stadium with the security guard, it never crossed my mind at all.

"Then we stopped and he said he needed something from his bag. Aaron said he was taking a scarf out because he wanted a picture with it but I couldn't remember him packing one.

"I started to think there might be something happening. At the stadium it was just us, the security guard and two runners on the track.

"As soon as the security guard realised what was happening he started taking a video. Then the people on the running track started to cheer as well. The security guard was so pleased for us.

"He said that he had been working there for four years and this was the best day of his job so far.

"It was so lovely."

Although the moment hasn't quite set in, the couple now feel eternally attached to Jock Stein's beloved team who brought home the trophy to Parkhead.

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Heather said: "It couldn't have happened anywhere else. As you walk into the stadium you picture what happened there and now we feel linked with it."

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you may be enough for one holiday, however, Aaron decided to commemorate the occasion in a uniquely Celtic way - by getting a tattoo.

He said: "I got a portrait of Billy McNeil lifting the cup on the back of my calf.

"It was four hours of pain. I thought because it was on the back of my leg it'd be less sore but it was seriously painful.

"So that's me making two massive decisions during a 12 day holiday."