Chad Stahelski Expands Partnership With Lionsgate, Sets Multiyear First Look Production Deal Focusing on Original Action Movies

Chad Stahelski, the director behind all four of Lionsgate’s “John Wick” films, has finalized a multi-year, first-look production deal with the studio and his production company 87Eleven Entertainment.

The new announcement comes just weeks after Stahelski signed on to direct a new “Highlander” film, while also assuming creative oversight of the “Highlander” and “John Wick” franchises across film, television and all multimedia platforms. According to the official release, Stahelski and his team at 87Eleven Entertainment have taken the lead in designing a comprehensive multi-platform content strategy for both franchises.

The new deal extends and expands a growing partnership between the studio and the filmmaker. While the earlier deal had to do with the “John Wick” and “Highlander” franchises, respectively, this new deal is for Stahelski and his team to produce original action movies.

“Chad and his team at 8711 Entertainment are profoundly talented filmmakers and creative collaborators,” said Adam Fogelson, chair of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, in an official statement. “They raise the bar of excellence on every project they take on, and we are looking to Chad to bring us the best new original action projects that we can work on together and turn into the next hits and franchises.”

“Lionsgate has been my home studio throughout my career as a feature director, so it only makes sense that I would base our film production business with the team that has been such extraordinary partners for so many years,” said Stahelski in an official statement.

Stahelski made the first film with David Leitch, who has also had a lucrative career, directing Charlize Theron in “Atomic Blonde” and installments in the “Fast and Furious” and “Deadpool” franchises, alongside the Brad Pitt-led ensemble action extravaganza “Bullet Train.”

With Stahelski directing the “John Wick” franchise he was able to gain critical and commercial success while pushing the boundaries of action cinema, particularly in the fourth film, released last year, which made $440 million worldwide and proved that Keanu Reeves was one of the more iconic action stars of his generation.

And the franchise seems to just be getting started. Last year also saw the release of “The Continental,” a prequel miniseries that streamed on Peacock. Next year Len Wiseman’s “Ballerina,” a spin-off starring Ana de Armas, will hit theaters. Stahelski is an executive producer on “Ballerina,” working alongside the franchise producers, Thunder Road’s Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee.

As exciting as the worlds of “Highlander” and “John Wick” certainly are, it’ll be great to see Stahelski and his team guiding original action films and their filmmakers. Once upon a time “John Wick” was a nearly direct-to-video action movie that was rescued and became a phenomenon. Maybe Stahelski can make sure that the same happens for a new generation of action filmmakers.

Stahelski is aided by his key team at 87Eleven Entertainment Jason Spitz and Alex Young. Stahelski is represented by WME, attorney Tara Kole, and Mortimer PR. Lionsgate’s Bonnie Stylides oversaw the dealmaking on behalf of the studio.

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