Chain Throws “Pollo Lounge” Dining Pop-Up, Riffing on KFC

Chain, the concept dining experience founded by actor-writer B.J. Novak and Michelin-starred chef Tim Hollingsworth, hosted an intimate pop-up at their Hollywood Chain House.

On both Wednesday and Thursday night, May 8 and 9, the nostalgia-inducing space transformed into “The Pollo Lounge,” a riff on the iconic Polo Lounge, becoming a cozy and classy jazz speakeasy where invited guests were served their take on Kentucky Friend Chicken classics. Chain specializes in transforming chain restaurant classics, like a KFC chicken bucket, into a more elevated version of itself.

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For the Pollo Lounge pop-up, guests were served generous portions of chicken tenders, french fries, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and biscuits at tables centered around a small stage. In addition to the food, guests were able to choose from a menu of cocktails made with the new prebiotic soda LEVO, which sponsored the evening. The soda was also available on its own for attendees to sample for the first time.

Grammy and Emmy award-winning composer and pianist Emily Bear — one half of the Barlow & Bear duo who created the viral Bridgerton musical that earned them a Grammy award — provided the musical fare for both nights.

The “and friends” format of the nights allowed Bear to bring out several artists, including Jeremy Zucker, Dylan Mulvaney, Tayla Parx, Wendlo, Stacey Ryan and Abigail Barlow. Bear collaborated with the artists for jazzified versions of popular songs.

Stacey Ryan at Chains Pollo Lounge
Stacey Ryan and Emily Bear at Chains “Pollo Lounge”

Comedians Patton Oswalt, Moshe Kasher and Brent Weinbach also performed surprise comedy sets for the guests. The event also drew some celebrity guests including Darren Criss, Kaitlyn Dever, Jury Duty‘s Ronald Gladden, Christine Ko and more.

After the dinner and show, attendees were able to hang out in the Chain House space, drink more of the provided drinks and soda and finish the night off with a selection of ice cream.

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