Chance of seeing the Northern Lights on Teesside again tonight as Met Office issues statement

Northern Lights over Linthorpe
Northern Lights over Linthorpe -Credit:Adrian Dennis

Teesside was treated to a spectacular display of the Northern Lights, captivating onlookers across the region.

For those who missed the vibrant geomagnetic spectacle known as the Aurora Borealis on Friday night, there's another chance to catch it this evening (Saturday, May 11). Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon has commented: "We still have to work out some details on where exactly that will be," indicating potential viewing spots are yet to be confirmed.

However, finding the perfect spot on Teesside for tonight's Northern Lights show might be challenging due to the weather conditions forecasted by the Met Office. They predict it may be cloudy from around 6pm.

The weather experts have provided the following outlook: "Patchy low cloud, mist and fog overnight, spreading inland from the coast, but some clear spells for many and conditions staying dry. Minimum temperature 8C."

The Northern Lights were visible across Teesside on Friday with pictures showing the colourful geomagnetic storm in Saltburn, Darlington, Linthorpe, Acklam, Middlesbrough, Ingleby Barwick and Stockton.

Prospects for observing the auroras improve on Sunday night as the fog and cloud are expected to recede back towards the coast, reports Yorkshire Live. For the best experience of the Northern Lights, the guidance is to gaze towards the northern horizon and seek out dark, open areas free from light pollution.

The optimal time for sightings is later in the night when auroral activity typically increases.