The change in season sees anglers address their fishing equipment

Joe Farrell
-Credit: (Image: UGC)

As the summer season kicks in with the match angling scene in full flow and lots of prestigious competitions filling everyone’s calendar, it’s a time of year that sees every serious match angler eagerly addressing their personal fishing equipment. I’ve said many times over the years that matches can be won at home when it comes to being prepared.

By finely tuning one’s tackle at home, bait included, a result can always be experienced to prove just that, even at the most unexpected of times when it’s needed. For me, being organised or more so, precise when it comes to our terminal tackle, is crucially important and with this, I’m referring to our rigs and the crucial shooting patterns which are much needed when it comes to making the fish we’re targeting simply more interested.

Having visited our canal last weekend, when making bites was for many were difficult, for me, having the essentials available in the way of a host of well prepared rigs to alternate my presentation was crucially important. As within any analysis when my angling friends and I come together and we all do it, it’s my understanding that many anglers work on the assumption that it will only be a matter of time before the fish ‘show up’, or alternatively that we await the ‘better ones’ on deciding to feed.

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On the day, as we all know, there will be times when we could all be sat on lots of fish, often sometimes presenting ‘cagey’ and also making themselves more elusive due to possibly clear conditions on occasions, let’s say like in winter. On the day, just a change, with some technical adjustments made, can always be beneficial towards enticing ‘a bite’ when a bait is crucially put before them with the right presentation.

With this, as carefully presented to my friends and their sons and daughters who are all anglers, preparing our rigs at home to cover every scenario on the day is as I’ve always said really important. On that, moving onto some successful match results this week, joining the Alliance and Leicester who took a trip over to Parbold’s Hall Lane Fishery on Sunday, this one saw 19 members enjoy a great day out by all.

A superb club this one as many will recognise as one of the best on the Merseyside club scene, their visit to Hall Lane on yet another venture on the road, the club points were eagerly competed for amongst this strong field of experienced anglers. Top honours on the day with a 66.11.0 weight of carp went to Andy Bolton with a pellet tactic his own winning formula.

Second place went to in-form Colin Pellow with 58.12.0 and third with 42.11.0. Travelling the circuit going a little further on Sunday was Maghull’s Anthony Fisher.

Fisher, as he’s also affectionately known on the circuit, travelled to Cheshire to pair up with Oswestry’s west wizard Gordon Griffiths. This one was for the Angling Trusts Canal Pairs held on the Shropshire Union Canal at Ellesmere.

Both anglers, who are very much on top of their game and members of the Liverpool AS match group, competed within a superb line-up that included many top anglers from all over the region, with all looking for a qualifying position in this prestigious national event held. On this occasion, both successfully won their 17-man sections and Griffiths taking the individual top match honours with 3.200. Fisher followed perfectly with 2.700 to take the respective second place on the day to make this trip more than worthwhile for this superb winning duo.