'It changed my life!' Brittany Snow recalls moment teenager confronted her in tears

Brittany Snow had a "life-changing moment" when she was confronted by a tearful young girl in a coffee shop.

The 37-year-old actress has teamed up with Jaspre Guest to pen mental health-themed book 'September Letters' and recalled how she kept a magazine piece that resonated with her as a teenager in her back pocket for "months" as a "symbol of hope" and was "taken aback" to discover that many years later, a young fan had carried a self-help article she herself had written.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "We wanted to build a place that was safe, where people could feel connected. When I was a teenager, I found an article in a magazine. It was the first time that I put words and feelings to something that I was going through. I heard my story in her words, and I ripped out that article and I kept it in my back pocket for months as a symbol of hope that there was someone who had overcome what I was going through.

"Many years later, I did an article for a magazine where I talked about how that article had helped me and how I’d gotten better. I went to a coffee shop and there was a girl standing in line and she turned around and she was crying. She had my article in her back pocket. This moment changed my life."

The 'Hairspray' star went on to add that during her adolescence, she had a mantra that she used to encourage herself to keep going when times were tough and still finds herself repeating it now when she finds herself in a tough situation.

She added: "As a teenager, there was this mantra that I kept saying to myself, and I still do it now when I go through something hard: ‘You’re going to get through this. There’s a reason this matters.’ It kept me going."