Channel 4 viewers call Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax 'truly horrifying'

Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax (Channel 4)
Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax examines how the lives of parents were ruined after being falsely accused of being in a satanic cult. Their struggle is told through actors, actor Sarah Barlondo is pictured. (Channel 4)

Channel 4 documentary Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax has left viewers shocked over the real-life event that led to parents and teachers being accused of being part of a baby-eating satanic cult.

In 2015 two children claimed they were being sexually abused by a group at their local church and in their school in Hampstead, the parents and teachers were also accused of drinking blood and dancing with the skulls of dead babies. A police investigation found these claims to be false, and the children said they had been coached to make the allegations by their mother's boyfriend.

Despite the police investigation, the repercussions of these outlandish claims continued when the children's mother Ella Draper and her boyfriend, Abraham Christie, went online and shared the allegations, which went viral among conspiracy theorists. The documentary examines the hugely damaging impact this had on the people accused with four women sharing their stories, which were re-created using actors.

Viewers were surprised by the documentary, and took to social media to share their shock at what they witnessed in the one-off special.

Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax (Channel 4)
'Anna' played by actor Kathryn McGarr in the Channel 4 documentary, which shocked viewers. (Channel 4)

One person was lost for words by the documentary, and wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: "Watching #Accused - The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax on @Channel4 and it is truly horrifying. So hard to believe it’s all true. My heart goes out to those poor parents, and you can only hope the children aren’t scarred by the whole thing. So sad."

Newsreader and trans activist India Willoughby was also shocked by the documentary, and she shared with her followers: "Terrifying. I’m watching a thing on Ch 4 right now, the Hampstead Paedophile Hoax, where hysteria took hold on a totally made up story, with believers making all sorts of threats. Same thing with Gender Criticals. They are dangerous. Police need to do something."

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One person also wrote: "Watching the C4 show about the Hampstead paedophile hoax. Amazing how willingly people believe this stuff, and then go after the accused people. Satanic baby eaters secretly rule the world ffs. I know we've some conspiracy fools in Ireland but this is next level idiocy."

Several viewers were shocked by how people could take the accusations to such extremes, with one person writing: "Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax just shows how YouTube and social media can brainwash people so easily."

Another wrote: "watching the paedophile hoax and If you're an adult standing outside a church shouting "stop eating babies" then you need to step away from social media, throw your mobile in the bin and take a long hard look at yourself, the mind boggles at this utter bats***tery."

One viewer also said: "There’s no way to win against the accusers in the Hampstead paedophile hoax. They just view every judgment as evidence of a massive conspiracy. The internet has a lot to answer for."

Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax is available to watch on Channel 4 now.