The Channel 4 series everyone’s been binge-watching

The Gathering (Channel 4)
The Gathering (Channel 4)

The Gathering has debuted on Channel 4 to rave reviews from viewers, with many sharing that they were so taken with the series they instantly binge-watched it.

Starring Sadie Soverall, Eva Morgan, Vinette Robinson, Richard Coyle and Warren Brown, the series is a mystery thriller about a girl who is attacked at an illegal beach rave — an event that has major repercussions on a community in Merseyside as they search for justice.

The series explores toxic friendships, parents with unfair expectations, and teenage mental health, something that has clearly resonated with viewers. It premiered on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 14 May but even on the day of release there were several people who chose to watch all six episodes in one sitting.

The Gathering (Channel 4)
The Gathering (Channel 4)

Sharing their thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer said: "I've now binged the whole of #thegathering the new @Channel4 drama, I'm not going to give any spoilers apart from 'I NEVER SAW THAT COMING' what a twist."

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One viewer who also chose to watch all 6 episodes in one go spoke about how delighted they were with the series, wring: "I just binge watched #thegathering on @Channel4 so amazing , but my favourite part was seeing Rocky the mastiff at the end !!"

Feeling similarly, one viewer also said to the cast and creative team: "On Episode 5 of #TheGathering Well Done To Everyone Involved xx"

Following the premiere of the first episode on Channel 4, there were also some viewers who expressed their desire to find time to quickly fit in the other episodes rather than rely on the show's weekly release schedule. Several pledged to do so on social media because of how much they enjoyed the narrative.

One person wrote: "I Really Enjoyed episode 1 of #TheGathering on Channel 4 Last Night. Looks promising for the rest of the series....I might binge". Another person wrote in delight: "Wow,wow,wow I'm going to binge watch the hell out of #thegathering noooo way can I wait till next week, absolutely brilliant new drama on @Channel4".

The Gathering (Channel 4)
The Gathering (Channel 4)

There was one person who also wrote passionately: "GONNA HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE LOT NOW! #TheGathering". While another viewer who was undecided on the matter, who wrote: "To binge or not to binge watch #thegathering ?!? Enjoyed last nights one & @1RichardCoyle being in it is a bonus."

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Although most viewers were delighted by the series, there were some that said they found the first episode "boring", with one person joking that the show should be called "The Yawning" instead.

The Gathering is available to stream on Channel 4's streaming service now, and it will also air at 9pm every Tuesday and Wednesday on Channel 4.