Channel 4 The Piano viewers 'in bits' as man with dementia achieves 'secret dream'

Man playing piano in train station
Duncan appeared on the show with his wife Fran -Credit:Channel 4

Popular Channel 4 show The Piano is back and viewers were moved to tears in the latest episode as a man with dementia wowed the crowd, host of the show Claudia Winkleman and judges Mika and Lang Lang. The series sees a piano taken to different train stations in the UK, in a bid to find Britain's best amateur pianist.

In each episode, after everyone has performed, Mika and Lang Lang have to select one person to play at the special end-of-series concert. In the first episode of the new series, which began on Channel 4 on Sunday, April 28, Duncan won over the hearts of both the judges and the viewers at home.

Performing at Manchester Piccadilly station Duncan, 80, was there with his wife Fran. Duncan has been playing the piano since he was four years old and the couple have been married for 42 years. Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.

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Duncan has been diagnosed with dementia for two years and talking about his diagnosis, Fran said: "There is a vulnerability there now that wasn't there before and there is an awful lot more that I need to do... the future is unknown. Duncan is everything to me, I would have him in any situation rather than not have him."

Taking to the piano Duncan dedicated his song, called Theme for Fran, to his wife. Talking about the song, Lang Lang said: "It's beautiful... very romantic," and Duncan said: "It just gives me such total feeling about the girl I found and the girl I married, the girl I love and always will."

After the performance, Claudia went up and told Mika and Lang Lang: "He is going to the concert, it is not a debate. It is important to have somebody like that and the fact he can speak through the piano."

At the end of the show, Mika and Lang Lang did select Duncan to go through to the final concert. Duncan said: "I am absolutely stunned, I think it will change my feelings for the future because I've always had this secret dream of somebody saying yeah, I really like."

Many viewers at home were emotional watching Duncan's story. One said: "Aww. Love this couple. #ThePiano". Another added: "Oh my goodness, I am new to #ThePiano on @Channel4 and I’m in bits already" and "Omg.... I'm (crying emoji) already and he’s not even started playing #ThePiano". A fourth said: "Oh Jesus, this story got to me even before the dementia was mentioned.... #ThePiano".

And: "I was doing well until Duncan started playing and now I am in bits #ThePiano". For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.