Channel 4 A Place in the Sun host 'disappointed' after buyer 'wants to cry'

Brothers Mark and Simon are living in a caravan on the Spanish coast as they hunt for their dream place to live.
-Credit: (Image: Channel 4)

A buyer on A Place in the Sun admitted he wanted to cry when he entered a Spanish property during Monday's episode.

Brothers Mark and Simon told host Craig Rowe they have sold their home in the UK and are living in a caravan on the Spanish coast as they hunt for their dream place to live. With Craig's help they were searching in the Almeria area, with a maximum budget of £225,000.

Things were off to a great start as the brothers viewed a six-bedroom villa, priced at just under £219,000. They called it "unreal" and hailed it a contender almost immediately.

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The second home was quickly dismissed, however, as Mark "wasn't feeling it", while the third property, a mountain view villa, was described as "breath-taking".

Property number four, a newly-renovated home next door to a bar, was a clear favourite, though. It had a solarium with stunning views and a courtyard garden, complete with above-ground pool, and was priced at just over £218,000.

Mark said: "I'm lost for words. It makes me want to cry, the whole place." He later added to Craig: "I'm speechless."

When it came to making a decision, they put in an offer of £180,000, and Craig was surprised at the brothers going in so low from the asking price. The offer was rejected, and the family then decided to withdraw from bidding rather than suggest a higher price.

Craig said he was "disappointed", before later confirming the family did not find a deal and are still on the hunt for their perfect forever home.

A Place in the Sun continues on Channel 4 and All 4

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