Chaos as drunken yobs are booted off easyJet flight to Malaga after rowing with flight attendants

An EasyJet plane on the tarmac with a trolley of luggage in the foreground
The chaos ensued on an easyJet flight to Malaga from Bristol (stock image) -Credit:Sean Hansford | Manchester Evening News

A pilot on an easyJet flight to Spain had to abort take-off due to a group of roughly 30 drunken passengers being disruptive. Police had to be called to deal with the flight, going from Bristol Airport to Malaga.

The pilot reportedly stopped the plane as it was about to take off and returned to the terminal because a large group of young men were refusing to sit down and demanding to use the toilet during take-off.

Passengers had to wait for an hour while the ejected passengers were made to retrieve their bags from the plane and were escorted back to the terminal by police. The plane had already been delayed by an hour before the disruption, spelling more misery for passengers.

One passenger said when the door shut and the last of the large group left the plane, the remaining passengers all spontaneously cheered.

easyJet said it was were taking the incident ‘very seriously’ and it did ‘not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board’. It said seven passengers were ejected.

One passenger told BristolLive that the large group of young men were already being loud and disruptive before they even boarded the plane.

“The flight was delayed by an hour while we were still waiting in the departure lounge, and clearly that just gave these lads another hour’s drinking time,” said Linda Sweeden, who was returning home to southern Spain from a visit to Bristol. “They were being loud at the gate, but luckily I was sat at the back of the plane and they were at the front.

"There were loads of them, apart from the front row for the elderly and disabled people, they took up maybe six or seven rows at the front of the plane, there were at least 30 of them."

Problems started becoming serious when the plane began taxiing to the runway to begin its take-off. “Everyone was seated ready to depart, we’d had the safety briefing and the plane was moving round to the end of the runway to take off, and then suddenly one of the men at the front stood up," she continued.

"A steward asked him to sit down and he started shouting, so loud we could hear at the back: ‘If you don’t let me go to the toilet I’m going to p*** all over the floor!'

“Then another one stood up and said he wanted to go too, then another, and very quickly about five or six of them were standing up, in the aisle, arguing with the stewards, who were telling them to sit down.

“I don’t know if the stewards pressed some kind of button but suddenly, the plane stopped, the engines stopped and suddenly they were all standing up arguing. It must’ve been really frightening for the elderly and disabled people in the very front row, and the stewards handled it really well."

It was apparently at this stage that the plane started returning to the departure gate. Ms Sweeden said: “The stewards ordered off about five or six of these men, but I don’t know what happened but all of them stood up and got off.

"When the door closed behind them, there was this big cheer of relief from everyone else, and the captain announced that we would be delayed a little bit longer but would be on our way soon. He even joked that there were loads of seats free near the front if anyone wanted an upgrade."

Passengers on the plane then watched as baggage crews were called out. They had to get everyone’s bags off the plane, and the ejected group had to go through and reclaim their bags again, before the rest of the luggage was put back on the plane.