Charli XCX and Fiancé George Daniel’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Charli XCX and Fiancé George Daniel’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Before they were romantically involved, Charli XCX and The 1975’s George Daniel discovered they were great musical collaborators—and they’re still working together as she continues her Brat era. Daniel is not a huge social media user, and Charli has wiped a lot of her old posts as she promotes her new album. But there’s still some public history of their romance.

Here’s a full timeline of Charli and Daniel’s relationship

September 2019

Way back in 2019, Charli was photographed with Daniel’s band, The 1975, in London. Members Matthew Healy and Ross MacDonald appeared with Charli and Daniel.

The 1975 won the GQ Band of the Year award at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

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March 2021

They worked together for the first time in 2021 on the collaborative single “Spinning” with No Rome.

March 2022

They worked together again on Charli’s Crash album. In March 2022, photos circulated of them holding hands in New York City, leading to some speculation they were dating. They also worked on the song “Hot Girl (Bodies Bodies Bodies)” for the soundtrack to horror film Bodies Bodies Bodies. Daniel shared a picture of Charli covered in fake blood on his Instagram page that same month to promote her music.

May 2022

Charli went Instagram official in a now-deleted post a few months later, sharing pictures of their vacation and captioning it, “A ~ delicious ~ week ~ off ~ 🧚”

October 2022

The couple enjoyed Paris Fashion Week and she shared pics on Insta, writing, “And i’m in the front row (bonjour).”

January 2023

Charli shouted out her boyfriend on X, formerly known as Twitter, in January 2023.

“My boyfriend is really hot AND he’s a great producer!” she wrote. “Who says men can’t multitask???”

May 2023

In May 2023, Charlie told The Sun, “Now that I’m in a relationship with another musician, he’s influenced me a lot with his process and how he and his band work. It’s really different to how I work, and that has definitely influenced me and my process.”

That same month they attended the Vogue and Netflix party after the BAFTA Television Awards in London.

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November 2023

In another now-deleted Instagram post, Charli seemed to announce their engagement, sharing pics of her ring and writing, “Charli xcx and george daniel fucking for life!!!”

December 2023

While on the Spout Podcast in late 2023, Charli shared more about working with Daniel.

“We’ve done a couple of things together. We’ve got a few ideas in the works,” she said. “It’s funny, I have never been in a relationship with someone that I’ve worked with, so it’s like a whole new dynamic, but it’s cool...There will probably be a couple of songs that he’s worked on with me.”

She also shared what it was like to watch Daniel and his bandmate Matty Healy collaborate in the studio, saying they have a “totally different” process from her.

“They take a lot of time when they are making a record and generally in the past I have been very fast,” she said. “That used to be part of my process, this spontaneous, instinctual thing...Being around them, I have definitely adapted to the idea of sitting on songs, re-working things, playing them to friends, going back and forth and just living with the songs a bit more, so that is one way that my process has been perfected.”

April 2024

They announced their new song together with a sultry photo.

May 2024

In an interview with Rolling Stone U.K., Charli shared more about their relationship.

“We want to impress each other, and we think we’re both really good, but I’m actually such a bitch in the studio with George,” Charli said. “Because we’re obviously so close, you lose everything in terms of the normal studio boundaries.”

She added, “We flow really well, and he leaves a lot of space for people to breathe, and be them and do their process.”

June 2024

While promoting a song about Daniel titled “Talk Talk,” Charli shared a story on TikTok about a night from 2020 when she felt like he was watching her. They were both at the NME awards, and while they weren’t officially dating, they were “very into each other.”

“We were at the NME Awards, we were both sat on different tables, and we were like texting each other, but we weren’t hanging out,” the Crash artist recalled. “But we were both looking over at each other—it was very like, one of us would look, and the other one would look away, and then just vice versa.”

“You know, when you just feel like someone is watching you, you can feel a hole burning in the back of your head or something like that,” she continued. “It was very much that moment.”

In the song, she sings about a secret romance that’s budding into something special, saying in the lyrics, “I've been lookin’ at you / Puttin’ holes in your head / We’ve been talking for months / But never in the same room / And now I wanna approach ya / But we’ve been keeping this a secret / And you’re surrounded by friends / And I’m just wondering what they know.”

She goes on, “I followed you to the bathroom / But then I felt crazy.”

Charli shared that was something she actually did at the awards.

“I did actually do that,” Charli explained in her TikTok, laughing. “I saw that he went to the bathroom, so I was like, oh, I’ll go to the bathroom, and maybe we’ll bump into each other, and then we won’t be like texting all the time.”

“But then I got halfway there, and I was like, this is insane,” she added. “And then I went and sat down again.”

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