Charli XCX and George Daniel have an 'even power dynamic'

Charli XCX and George Daniel "understand the same world".

The 31-year-old pop star and the 1975 drummer announced their engagement in November, and Charli admits that it's unlike any of her previous relationships.

She told The Face magazine: "I think there’s been a power dynamic in my previous relationships, where I was the powerful person. Whether it be my personality, or financially, or ego, there was an imbalance."

The loved-up couple share a lot the same challenges and pressures, and Charli believes that George, 33, is an "unbelievably talented" musician.

She shared: "We do the same thing, we understand the same world, we challenge each other. And I think he’s really hot and funny. I feel inspired to be with someone who’s unbelievably talented. That’s really sexy to me."

Despite this, Charli has still had to adjust to dating a fellow musician.

The 'Break the Rules' hitmaker - who split from Huck Kwong in 2022 - explained: "One thing that’s interesting about being in a relationship with someone who does what I do is that you’re in their orbit a lot - sometimes when you’re not prepared, or when I’m in this total dry phase where I’m not feeling inspired. Sometimes you’re watching your boyfriend’s band sell out arena after arena, and that can make me feel small.

"When you’re an artist, you can pretty much choose when you want to be around other people with big egos who are performing.

"But when you’re in a relationship with another artist who’s part of a band with quite a, let’s say, controversial frontman, you suddenly don’t get to choose when you’re subjecting yourself to someone else’s environment."