Fearless Charlie, three, wrestles with alligator and 8ft boa constrictor for fun

"We didn't go out to encourage it but he just loves reptiles"

Charlie Parker, aged three, wrestles with a baby alligator (David Caird / Newspix / Rex Features)

Most children would be terrified to face an alligator.

But fearless Charlie Parker - who is just three years-old - loves to wrestle the creatures for fun.

With a look of steely determination, the young Crocodile Dundee handles this baby alligator called Gump with ease.

And if he gets bored with the reptile he turns his attention to Pablo, a giant boa constrictor, allowing the 2.5m snake to drape around his neck.

Having grown up in the Ballaraat Wildlife Park outside Melbourne, Charlie could be Australia's youngest wildlife ranger.

Charlie comes from three generations of naturalists and isn't fazed by creatures which would terrify many adults.

Dad and park owner Greg Parker said: "We didn't go out to encourage it but he just loves reptiles. Like everybody he's frightened of some things... others not so much".