Charlie Sheen Blasts Doc Who Said He’d Cured His HIV With Goat’s Milk

Troubled Charlie Sheen has slammed the medic who claimed to have cured him of HIV with the milk of arthritic goats and persuaded him to temporarily go off his prescribed medication.

The 50-year-old actor underwent treatment administered by Dr Samir Chachoua in Mexico.

Chachoua said he was so confident of success he claimed to have injected himself with Charlie’s blood – but Platoon star Charlie is now demanding the medic be arrested.


In a new interview on Inside Edition in America the HIV positive actor told Dr Oz: “He would have stuff delivered at all hours of the night, and I was an idiot to keep taking it. It was just the BS started to really pile up with this guy.

“I was in Mexico probably for 32 hours. He says I was there for two months, so his math skills are equally as challenged as his science.

“I am not cured, no.”

Charlie posted the below picture of Pinocchio on social media about the doctor with the message: ‘Dr Sam I was with u in Mexico for 1 day. It’s illegal for u to practice in the U.S.A. where u treated me for 2 months.’


Speaking about the moment Chachoua claimed to have injected Charlie’s infected blood into his own veins as proof his cure had worked, the actor said: “Thinking back on it, his back was to me. And he might have switched the needle. It wasn’t like, here, look, bang. His back was to me.

“I think what we’re observing from him is an absolute grand work of fiction. I think guys like him are dangerous. I’m not going to be trading my meds for arthritic goat milk. I’m just saying.“


Charlie made his latest HIV confession to celebrity surgeon Dr Oz

Anger Management star Charlie also revealed he is now taking part in a new trial, which he calls “the next wave of the future for treatment” of HIV and he has said he wants medics to use him as a “guinea pig” as he searches for a cure.

Three-times married, dad-of-five Charlie – whose exes include actress Denise Richards (below) – revealed last year he had HIV and said he contracted it after years of “irresponsible” partying.