Charlotte Crosby ‘mum-shamed’ after BBC series Charlotte in Sunderland

 (Charlotte Crosby/ Instagram)
(Charlotte Crosby/ Instagram)

Charlotte Crosby has been criticised for wearing acrylic nails during labour and making “out of touch” comments about childbirth.

The Jersey Shore star welcomed her first child, a daughter called Alba, with boyfriend Jake Ankers in October.

Their experience was documented for BBC Three show, Charlotte In Sunderland.

While many praised Charlotte’s decision to share her birth journey, others were left decidedly unimpressed.

Commenting on a post where Charlotte had shared images of the series, one fan wrote: “How is it you got to keep your acrylic nails on?

"I’ve had 3 sections and wasn’t allowed as they need to be able to check the colour of your nail beds incase of any problems the colour of them is a good indicator apparently."

Others pointed out the reality star should not have shared private details by posting a picture of her hospital wristband.

Crosby and her daughter Alba (Charlotte Crosby/Instagram)
Crosby and her daughter Alba (Charlotte Crosby/Instagram)

"Be careful displaying your personal details. I’m a doctor and your record could be accessed with these details so just be aware,” one person said.

Another added: "Would delete the name band picture off… not good to have those whole details on the internet."

"Take your NHS number off the photo of the id band," demanded a third.

Crosby, who gave birth at a private hospital, was also slammed for suggesting that experiencing childbirth is great for all parents.

Some fans were touched by the final episode of her birth journey (Charlotte Crosby/Instagram)
Some fans were touched by the final episode of her birth journey (Charlotte Crosby/Instagram)

She wrote: "The day we met our Alba Jeanies will remain the most special day of my whole entire life.

"I think all parents will agree what a feeling! What an experience!

"I would redo that whole birthing experience every single day over and over and over again!

One said: "Amazing what private care gets you. No dig at Charlotte herself but so many women suffer etc who are less fortunate.”

Another added: "I’m glad yours was amazing and lovely but some women have horrendous births.”

"Speak your truth but don’t believe every parent feels the same and don’t comment on their behalf it’s good yours was fantastic and you’d re do it but many wouldn’t x,” another wrote.

Charlotte teased the possibility of a second series of Charlotte in Sunderland.