Charlotte Crosby slams Love Island's lack of body diversity

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Charlotte Crosby has slammed Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz
Charlotte Crosby has slammed Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz

Charlotte Crosby has called for 'Love Island' to feature "more normal people".

The 'Geordie Shore' star has slammed standards of beauty on television and believes the dating programme needs to feature more body diversity.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “'Love Island' would be better if they had different kinds of people, 100%.

“The beauty standards on TV now are f****.

“I want to see people who are like Fiz and Tyrone on 'Corrie'.

“I want normal people off the street who genuinely fall in love with each other. That would be so cute to watch.”

Charlotte, who found fame on 'Geordie Shore' 11 years ago, doesn't think there's a "chance in hell" anyone from her show would have been featured on 'Love Island'.

She continued: “If us lot from Geordie Shore had auditioned for Love Island instead, there wouldn’t be a chance in hell we would get on it.

"When we first started we were just a bunch of normal girls, and that’s why everyone loved us.

“They were thinking, ‘I do that… that’s what I do on a night out’. We were real people.”

Charlotte has returned to 'Geordie Shore' for a reunion series - which includes her ex-boyfriend Gaz Beadle - and she has promised fans any loose ends will be tied up.

She said: "Everything people loved about 'Geordie Shore' was obviously more than just seeing us drunk in clubs.

"People loved the personalities within the show and actually in the reunion I feel like everything that happened within the show that fans love got finalised and tied together. It made it even better.

"You don't need to be mortal drunk to sort out some differences with people and have a resolution."