The Chase star baffles with Lord of the Rings quiz where no one can get full marks

Darragh Ennis
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

The Menace, known for his sharp intellect on ITV's The Chase, has thrown down the gauntlet with a new challenge - but do you reckon you could outsmart him?

Perched comfortably on your settee, it might seem a doddle to face off against a Chaser from the beloved quiz show. Darragh Ennis, who joined the ranks of The Chase in 2020 after impressing as a contestant, has consistently demonstrated that he's every bit as brainy as his fellow quizzers.

When he's not showcasing his quizzing prowess on TV, the postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University is busy engaging his TikTok audience with educational content. He's also fond of testing his followers with quizzes he crafts himself.

In a recent social media challenge, The Menace put his followers' knowledge of The Lord of the Rings to the test. The iconic fantasy novels by J.R. R. Tolkien, which were transformed into a series of blockbuster movies by Peter Jackson, have garnered a global following. However, this particular quiz promises to stretch even the most dedicated fans.

"Can you beat a quiz by The Menace? This time it's a Lord of the Rings quiz. It starts easy and get tougher. Bet you can't get all five," he said on his @bonesgiles TikTok handle. "Think it's a bit tough, if you're not a nerd," he remarked.

Here are the five questions:

1. In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. What was the name of Bilbo's house?

2. Everyone knows Gandalf the Wizard, but what was the name he was called by the elves?

3. Who played Theoden, King of Rohan, in the Peter Jackson movie trilogy?

4. There were 19 rings of power made - but how many of those went to the dwarf lords?

5. What was the name of the island kingdom of men in the great sea that was lost when it sunk beneath the waves?


1. Bag End (Not Hobbiton, which is the name of the area the house is in)

2. Mithrandir

3. Bernard Hill, the same actor who played the Captain of the Titanic in the 1997 film, and sadly passed away on May 5, 2024, aged 79

4. Of the 19 rings of power, seven were made for the dwarves. The other 12 were nine made for men, and three for the elves

5. The island that sank beneath the waves was called Númenor

Although some managed to get all five questions correctly, others, like Darragh predicted, struggled to answer them all. "Four out of five. Can't believe I didn't get Bernard Hill," said one.

Another added: "Four out of five. Last one got me." A third commented: "When I think I'm a fan. It seems I'm not quite as much a fan as I thought. Got question one and three right."