The Chase star says he 'won't talk to husband for weeks' as he 'shuts him down'

The Chase brainbox Paul Sinha, better known as The Sinnerman, has opened up about the competitive streak that runs through his marriage with hubby Oliver, admitting it sometimes causes friction.

While chatting about his new book and his path from being a GP to a comedian and then a quiz master, he recounted the tale of their first encounter: "Life is what it is. Every time a door shuts, another one opens. I would not have met my husband Oliver if things hadn't gone wrong in so many other aspects of my life."

He delved into the details of how they met, saying, "I fell into a lifestyle where I ended up meeting Oliver through the murky world of serious quizzing. That's how I met him - it's like five-a-side for nerds."

On the topic of whether they go head-to-head in quizzes, Paul revealed: "All the time! He sometimes beats me and we don't talk for weeks. Sometimes he lets me win. He's very good, Oliver!"

"We do talk politics all the time – it’s one of two serious relationships I’ve been in. In my first relationship my boyfriend was significantly more right-wing than me, then my husband is significantly more left-wing than me.

"I’ve experienced it on both sides. I prefer the second one because we don’t really talk about it that much – if I bring politics up he shuts down and goes, ‘I don’t want to hear it’. That’s how we deal with it."

Paul Sinha
The Chase star Paul Sinha explained how he met his hubby on Loose Women

Paul also shared the story of how he came out to his parents - and how the choice was taken away from him. He explained: "It was an interesting process coming out to my mum. Somebody at a house party that we were hosting had a few too many drinks, rang up my home number and went, ‘Your son’s gay!’ and put the phone down.

"Which was not how I wanted her to find out. I thought it’d be a more organic and sweet process. I had the agency taken away from me. And the weird thing is I still don’t know which one of my friends it was. But I’ve moved on. My parents were really understanding."