The Chase's Bradley Walsh left in 'physical pain' as player makes unexpected move on ITV show

Mark Labbett quipped that Bradley required a medic -Credit:ITV
Mark Labbett quipped that Bradley required a medic -Credit:ITV

Bradley Walsh was left in stitches on ITV's The Chase when Mark Labbett jokingly called for a medic after a contestant's surprising proposal threw the host for a loop. In Tuesday's episode, contestants Minh, Del, Steve, and Katie were all set to challenge Tiverton's very own 'The Beast'

Minh kicked things off with a cool £5,000 win, breezing by the Beast to claim his place in the Final Chase, with Del and Steve hot on his heels. Katie, determined to join her squad in the ultimate showdown, racked up £4,000 in the cash-builder.

However the Mirror Online reports how the stakes were raised when The Beast tempted her with a whopping high offer of £63,000 to step closer to him or a daring lower offer of minus £5,000 to have a better chance of being in the Final Chase.

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The studio was rife with tension as Steve suggested Katie consider the negative offer, much to Bradley's astonishment. Mark quipped: "That caused him physical pain. Medic!".

Viewers at home were just as taken aback by Steve's bold suggestion, taking to Twitter with comments like: "Steve's a maverick, -£5,000 really! " and "Bloody hell Steve! " Despite the commotion, the team united for the Final Chase to take on The Beast once more.

After Katie made it to the Final Chase, Bradley Walsh didn't mince words about Steve's earlier advice, saying with a serious tone: "I'm going to be serious now. Steve, minus! " The quartet had their sights set on a £21,000 jackpot and managed to accumulate 17 steps. But all their efforts were in vain as the Beast caught up with them with 22 seconds to spare, leaving them with nothing.

This follows news that The Chase has been dethroned by a competing programme which has now become the top game show on telly. Lee Mack's The 1% Club has snatched the title of the most-watched quiz show of 2023, pulling in an average of 5.8 million viewers weekly.

In comparison, The Chase garners a regular viewership of three to five million daily. Bradley's show was once hailed as the most successful game show on UK screens.

However, fresh figures from the network have shown that The 1% Club has surged ahead, becoming the channel's biggest original game show in over ten years. The show challenges contestants' IQs with questions that rely not on general knowledge but on common sense.

The debut series, which premiered in April 2022, drew an average audience of 4.39 million. A recent broadcast on April 6 this year became the pick of the bunch for the 16-34 age group, capturing 44% of that demographic.

It also topped the night's ratings with a 34% viewer share.

The Chase is currently airing weekdays at 5pm on ITV 1.