The Chase's Mark Labbett denies using Ozempic for weight loss

The Chase star Mark Labbett has shut down claims he used Ozempic to help him lose a whopping 10 stone.

The quiz mastermind, known as The Beast, recently posted a photo on X/Twitter showing him tucking into a steak at a restaurant and wrote in the caption, "Having a sneaky Steak and Chips at Seasons Restaurant. Protein loading."

His followers took to the comments to remark upon his transformation, with one user assuming Mark has used the controversial weight-loss drug.

"Ozempic for the win," the fan wrote, to which the TV personality replied, "Nope. Would take it if prescribed it."

He also shut down a user who claimed he "obviously had a gastric band" by simply stating, "Not true."

The 58-year-old responded to several other comments, insisting that the photo had not been edited.

"Definitely not edited. Photo cameras seem to stretch me for some reason," he told one user.

While he was mostly praised for his appearance, one troll criticised Mark's new shape and claimed he "looked like a starving lesbian", to which he remarked, "That's a great look to pull off :)."

The professional quizmaster, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago, told The Sun last year that he shed the weight by eating less and exercising more.

"I was tempted by the gastric band but a good friend of mine who's a GP, said my problem is sugar, I have a sweet tooth," he explained. "A gastric band is useless for me because sugar metabolises quite quickly, so I've done it the old fashion way by eating a bit less and I've tried to go to the gym."