Parent finds cat with missing eye dumped in a bin bag during school run

Artex the cat was abandoned in Chatham, Kent (Picture: Cats Protection)

A cat with a missing eye was found dumped in a bin bag by a parent during a school run.

The one-year-old ragdoll cat, named Artex by rescuers, was discovered in terrible pain in Chatham, Kent, on January 24.

The traumatised animal’s eye socket was open and untreated, Bredhurst Cats Protection said.

The animal welfare organisation added it had worked with vets to ensure Artex was receiving pain relief, antibiotics and veterinary care.  

Artex was found in cage wrapped in a bin bag (Picture: Bredhurst Cats Protection)

The cat will have to undergo surgery to his eye socket to clean it and stitch it up.  

Bredhurst Cats Protection, which has raised more than £2000 for the animal’s treatment, said: “Artex will also be placed with an experienced adopter to help him recover from the trauma and begin the road to recovery.  

“At the moment, he is very scared of human contact and he’s not comfortable with a lot of handling.” 


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The organisation added it did not how the cat was injured and who abandoned it.

It said: “We don’t know how Artex lost his eye or came to be abandoned, but Cats Protection will now make sure that he is well cared for, receives the medical treatment he needs and is given every chance for a full recovery.”