Cheap everyday household items that work wonders in the garden

Little girl is planting in garden in front of a house.
Many cheap and safe everyday household items such as coffee grounds and rice water can be useful in the garden -Credit:Getty

As the temperatures rise, it's time to dust off your gardening gloves and make the most of your outdoor space. To help you, the experts at have listed five cheap common household items that can boost garden growth, eliminate pests and treat diseases that affect plants.

These are items that you are likely to have in your home already and can work wonders in your garden. Even experienced gardeners may not know all five and their benefits.

Each one is cheap and effective, from using coffee grounds to make your soil more fertile, to ridding your garden of pests with garlic. Rice water too has plenty of nutrients that are good for plant life in your garden so worth remembering to save the water after cooking. We have put together the full list below.

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What is garlic good for in the garden?

This kitchen staple can be a powerful tool for eliminating unwanted pests from your garden. Crush several garlic cloves and mix them with water until a liquid forms. Add the solution into a spray bottle and spray it onto the plants and soil that are prone to pests, reports the Express.

How to use white vinegar to remove moss

This ingredient can be an effective solution for removing moss from your garden. Simply dilute white vinegar with water and spray the mixture over any moss to keep it under control. Allow the solution to sit for 15 minutes before scraping off the moss. If the moss proves stubborn, repeat the process.

Are coffee grounds good for the garden?

Yes! Used coffee grounds can be added to soil or to compost to promote fertility. This is due to the high levels of nutrients, such as nitrogen they contain. Just make sure to not use it around plants that need alkaline soil.

Can baking soda help roses?

Baking soda is an excellent remedy for black spot disease, which can sometimes affect roses. Create a solution using one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of vegetable or horticultural oil and one gallon of water. Spray this mixture over the affected plants to help combat the disease.

How to use rice water in the garden

Finally, rice water can be great for promoting plant growth. When cooking the food make sure to save the water and dilute it with fresh water when watering the plants. The ingredient is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. However, when using the mixture make sure to use it in moderation when watering houseplants and outdoor plants.