'Cheeky Bugger': Snake Catcher Removes Python From Elderly Couple's Roof

It’s many people’s worst nightmare – a large python slithering around your roof. But for one elderly couple in Caloundra, Queensland, the nightmare had a happy ending as the snake was caught and safely removed.

Snake catcher Stuart McKenzie posted this footage showing the removal of the “cheeky bugger” that was causing much unease for the woman of the house.

The python was “a little bit cranky” after the experience, McKenzie said, but was soon back in a more suitable environment. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: I still think around 60% to 70% of people that we catch snakes for have a genuine fear of them. Now, you know, I'm not just talking that they don't necessarily understand them enough, but they have a genuine fear.

So that's the situation here where we're heading to an elderly couple's house, and the wife-- yeah, she simply just can't even sleep at night if there's a snake out in the back.

So it's a carpet python. It's in a bit of a challenging spot, but we'll head over now and hopefully relocate it elsewhere.

- Huh.


STUART MCKENZIE: I'm just trying to encourage him that way.


Not good timing.

- He's gone on the roof now.

STUART MCKENZIE: That's all right. Is he on the roof?

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: That's all right. I prefer him out there than here.

I think he's going underneath. Is your neighbor home?

Yeah, because it went straight over because I got up. It didn't go--

- Here--

STUART MCKENZIE: Oh, there it is there. You cheeky bugger. He's a little bit cranky.

- Be careful.



STUART MCKENZIE: All right. I just gently head-grabbed him. Then I'll unwrap him. Here he is. He's a bit strikey, but that's all right. Let's calm down now. Got there eventually. Yeah.

All right, Mr. Python, obviously a little bit cranky, but, you know, that happens. Off you go.

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