Cher and son Elijah Blue Allman temporarily suspend conservatorship

Cher and her son Elijah Blue Allman have agreed to "pause all legal proceedings" surrounding the singer's attempt to act as his temporary conservator.

The mother and son attended a private mediation session, after her request to act as his conservator was denied for a second time in January.

The pair will suspend the conservatorship plans "to allow the Parties to continue working together to privately and confidentially resolve this matter", confirmed a spokesperson.

Cher, 77, has been trying to get a conservatorship for her son, 47, due to him being able to access large sums of money from his late father Greg Allman's estate.

The singer maintained that being able to access that amount of money put Elijah at risk due to his previous mental health and substance abuse issues.

Elijah's legal team argued that a conservatorship wasn't necessary. Elijah has been in rehab and is currently three months sober.

Court documents requested that if a conservatorship is needed, Cher is "unfit to serve" in the role, and he would prefer it was given to his wife, Marieangela "Queeny" King.

"Under no circumstances am I comfortable having my mom as my conservator even if that was necessary," Elijah stated in documents.

Elijah filed for divorce from Marieangela in 2021 after ten years of marriage, but have recently reconciled.