Cher and son Elijah Blue Allman reach agreement amid bitter conservatorship case

Cher has reached a temporary agreement with her son Elijah Blue Allman amid their bitter conservatorship case.

The ‘Believe’ singer, 77, and the 47-year-old attended a private mediation session earlier this month, where it emerged on Friday (17.05.24) they had agreed to “pause all legal proceedings” and “related activities, including all discovery and motion practice” to allow them to “continue working together to privately and confidentially resolve this matter”.

A hearing set for June 11 in their case has now been moved to September 13 so Cher and Elijah can continue to navigate their issues.

Court documents revealed the development months after Cher’s request for conservatorship over her son was denied by a judge in Los Angeles.

At the time, the singer had filed an emergency request for Elijah to be placed under a temporary emergency conservatorship – claiming she “feared that her son would not be alive within the year”.

Cher’s lawyers cited his treatment for schizoaffective disorder and revealed that in the past year he has been placed in several 5150s – a California legal code which allows a person with a mental illness to be involuntarily detained for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalisation.

A judge ruled against the proposal as Elijah proved he had “managed his finances”, has an apartment and “remained drug free” after submitting “several drug tests” during the proceedings.

The judge also ruled there was not “sufficient evidence” to agree to the temporary conservatorship, as much of what the mum and son were arguing was based on “fears” and hypotheticals.

Elijah last month filed an objection and outlined the reasons why he found a conservatorship unnecessary.

He added that if he needs to have one, Cher is not entitled to priority as he is married to Marieangela ‘Queeny’ King, 36, and he believes the singer is “unfit to serve”.