Cheshire mum's incredible transformation as she loses four stone to keep up with kids

A Cheshire mum has taken over a Slimming World group after dropping four stone there as a member. Emma Grundy had been attending the sessions intermittently for 10 years, and has now been encouraged by her consultant to take on the mantle.

The mum, from Holmes Chapel, weighed 15 stone and was a dress size 18 when she started her weight-loss journey, and has dropped down to 11 stone. As well as opting for healthier foods and taking up exercise, Emma believes that the psychology behind weight gain and overeating plays a huge part in the journey.

The 44-year-old has two daughters and two step-sons, and originally joined Slimming World because she “couldn’t keep up with them”. The children wanted to take up sports such as swimming and cycling, but Emma struggled to partake in such high energy hobbies due to being overweight and unfit.

Emma said: “The consultant who’s supported me wanted me to start doing my own group sessions. I’d been going on-and-off for 10 years and I’d just had a promotion in my full-time work so I decided to do it.

“I knew the plan worked because it had worked for me, so I was interviewed and I got the role. I’ve since had training and I started being a consultant on September 8, 2023. Now I have three Slimming World groups on a Friday morning.”

Emma’s weight loss journey wasn’t straightforward, as Covid and her health set her back. Despite this, Emma soldiered on.

She added: “I put a couple of stone back on through Covid, and I had perimenopause which also made me gain weight, so I went back to the Holmes Chapel group to lose it. I originally started going because I wasn’t fit enough to keep up with the children who wanted to go swimming and bike riding.

“My daughters like baking and I initially thought I’d have to stop this, but I was surprised that you can still bake on plan by adapting recipes slightly. The food lists are so extensive, it’s about giving people knowledge to shop, cook and eat and then supporting each other through it.

“Lots of people rely on willpower and they’re lucky if that lasts a month, but we talk in group and discuss things and it changes people’s mindsets. There’s a lot of psychology behind weight loss as lots of bad and unhealthy eating and fitness habits are carried to adulthood from childhood.

“It’s about finding trigger zones of what makes people overeat or indulge and then addressing those triggers and finding a way to overcome them. I’ve met so many friends through Slimming World that I know I’ll keep for life.

“There’s a fabulous social life at Slimming World, you can still go out and have fun on plan. Lots of members say that coming to group is the highlight of their week.

“Body Magic is the exercise side of Slimming World and there’s an app that shows lots of workouts, from armchair exercises to cardio fitness videos. People progress at their own pace, there’s no pressure at all.

“The joining fee is £5 and then there’s different options for each week such as six sessions for the price of five, 12 sessions for the price of 10, or pay as you go. People can also get a referral from their GP, and they’re more than welcome to contact me for more information - or just drop into one of the group sessions.”

Emma’s Slimming World sessions take place on Fridays at the Holmes Chapel Scout Hut in Parkway. There is a group at 7.30am, 9am, and 10.30am.

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