Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner election 2024 results

A vote being placed inside a ballot box
A vote has taken place for Cheshire's next Police and Crime Commissioner -Credit:Chris Loades/Association of Electoral Administrators

Voters across Cheshire have gone to the polls to choose their next Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

People who live in the local authority areas of Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Warrington were eligible to vote in the elections. Ahead of the election, the PCC for Cheshire was Conservative John Dwyer.

The candidates who were standing in the elections were John Dwyer (Conservative), Paul Duffy (Liberal Democrat) and Dan Price (Labour).

The winner of the vote was Labour's Dan Price who has now been named Cheshire's next PCC. Here is a full breakdown of the results:

  • Dan Price (Labour) – 86,279 (48.1%)

  • John Dwyer (Conservative) – 65,836 (36.7%)

  • Paul Duffy (Liberal Democrat) – 27,342 (15.2%)

The overall turnout was 21.7% You can also the full results on the map below by selecting Cheshire or entering postcode.

The job and powers of a PCC include holding the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the people of Cheshire, ensuring Cheshire Constabulary is effective and efficient, deciding the budget and setting the police council tax precept for the force area, setting the strategic direction and objectives of the force and being able to appoint, suspend or remove the Chief Constable.

The vote took place as more than 2,500 council seats were up for grabs across 107 local authorities in England as part of the local elections 2024. Mayoral elections took place in East Midland, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, North East, South Yorkshire, West Midlands, West Yorkshire, York and North Yorkshire, London and Salford.

PCC elections also took place in other parts of the UK including Lancashire, Cumbria, Staffordshire and North Yorkshire.

May's local elections are the last big electoral test for all the political parties before the general election, which is expected to take place later this year.